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Will North America Get Smart? Banking and Payments in your mobile phone

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Only two years ago, it was very difficult to find solid research that pegged the market space for mobile banking and payments. Now the reports and studies are in the mainstream. Those who have been watching the market know that the time is ripe to...

Bluetooth Eliminates the Wires

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Wires getting in the way?  Bluetooth may be the answer for you. This emerging technology is helping computer users to shed the wires for good.  Bluetooth is a communications system where two devices talk to each other by low-intensity radio signal.  This innovation has proven...

Avoid Email Marketing Mistakes

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Email is a great tool for keeping your customers informed and interested. If properly produced,  mass emails can deliver increased sales and  higher customer satisfaction. If mistakes are made, those same emails can cost business or damage your brand.  By avoiding common pitfalls in...

A Preface to Cloud Computing

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If you are running a company, you need to ensure that all the personnel have access to necessary hardware and software. For this, not only are multiple computers necessary, but also software licenses to run in those computers. When you hire more employees and...

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