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Top 5 Android Custom ROMs

android custom rom
As Android Custom ROMs are becoming more and more popular, there are many new ones being introduced often. This can make picking only one to use difficult. Typically, one of the top best ROMs please most people since everybody is different. Here are the...

6 Reasons Why the Samsung S5 Is Better Than the S4

Samsung Galaxy S5
When Samsung releases a smartphone, the whole industry takes notice. The iconic brand produces some of the only devices that compete strongly with Apple's iPhone range. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is an impressive piece of kit, but is it a worthy upgrade to the...

What’s New in Android 4.3

Android 4.3
Introduction As of August 2013, Android powers nearly eighty percent of all smartphones on the planet. This should be good news for Google, the company behind the popular mobile operating system. The search giant keeps to a rapid-fire schedule of updates, refreshing Android every few...

The Samsung Galaxy S4 – Samsung Finally Offers a Better User Experience Than The iPhone

galaxy s4
In most measurable ways, Samsung’s new Galaxy S4 smartphone has it all over the iPhone 5.The 5-inch 1080p screen on the S4 is pure eye candy. It has far better resolution, pixel density and raw size when compared with the iPhone 5. The one...

8 Reasons Why Android Is Better Than iOS

8 Reasons Why Android Is Better Than iOS
1) Widgets (Android and Ios): This is the most distinguishing feature that is immediately noticed by everyone. Android supports widgets on the home screens. Widgets may be anything; it may be news and weather updates, to-do lists, etc. These tiny little snippets are extremely useful...

Getting the Most Out of Your Android Smartphone

Getting the Most Out of Your Android Smartphone
A new Android phone can be an exciting purchase, especially if you’ve never owned one before. Many people agree that Android phones are by far the most useful operating system in that they can do many things that other operating systems cannot. Unfortunately this means...

About the Android Phone

What You Need to Know About the Android Phone
The market for smartphones has grown dramatically in a very short period of time. A few years ago, few phones had the ability to surf the web, send traditional emails and perform business tasks. These days, more and more people are carrying phones that...

How to Share Mobile Connection

mobile connection
Mobile data sharing occurs when a certain device shares or transfers its internet connection to another device. This particular feature is included in many different mobile platforms such as Windows Phone 7, iOS and Android. Furthermore, mobile data sharing can be accomplished through various...

Microsoft Office for Android or iOS Is Almost Here

Microsoft Office for Android or iOS Is Almost Here
In March 2013, you can finally use Microsoft Office in your Android or iOS device. Petr Bobek, product manager at Microsoft, confirmed in a press release from Microsoft’s Czech Republic team that Office 2013 app versions are set to be released for Android and iOS...

Eight Reasons Why Android Tablets Are Superior to the iPad

Eight Reasons Why Android Tablets Are Superior to the iPad
Tablets are becoming increasingly popular, thanks to their easy portability and their user-friendly design. However, in spite of the fact that it is fashionable to own an iPad, an inspection of its features will quickly reveal that Android tablets are more likely to meet your...

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