In Berlin, the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was launched on 4 September 2013 with live streaming the event in Time Square, New York.

Samsung galaxy note 3
Samsung galaxy note 3

Beautiful Design

Beautifully designed the back cover with its leather-like style material with fine stitching gives the 151.2 x 79.2 x 8.3 mm Samsung Galaxy Note 3 a classy, premium look and has a warm, textured touch. Classic white, jet black and lush pink are the colors to choose from. Although the device is slightly larger than the previous model, it is thinner and at 168g weighs less than the previous models. The switchable back covers with a wide range of colors in different materials and metallic covers allow personalization of the device by choosing the color preferred. There are enough choices to switch back covers daily. The wide range of accessories is designed by Moschino and Nicholas Kirkwood meeting the needs of different users around the world.

Advanced Technology

The Galaxy Note 3 is powerful with two processor versions to choose from, the faster 2.3 GHz Quad-core LTE model and the 3G model Octa-core 1.9 GHz. With 3GB ram the Galaxy Note 3’s new features operate smoothly. The removable Li-Ion battery 3200 mAh gives you more usage than previous phones. The battery has 40% more video playback time which is equal to 4 more hours.

Internal memory is 32GB or 64GB. Choosing the base version of 32GB and realizing afterwards it is not enough onboard storage, is easily remedied by expanding the memory with a micro SD card of up to 64GB. The Galaxy Note 3 is coming out with the latest Android Jelly Bean version 4.3 with TouchWiz UI interface.

The front facing 13MP camera takes beautiful pictures of high quality. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 3G model comes out with 30fps video and the LTE model with 40fps and a 4K UHD video. This is absolutely astounding to record a 2160p video at 30fps from such a small device.

S Pen Stylus

The S Pen is more than writing and drawing stylus, it unlocks the powerful features of this device.


Hovering with the S-pen stylus over the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 without touching the large 5.7 inch screen, and with a slight click on the S-pen itself, the air command wheel is activated. Alternatively, clicking on the dot on the screen also activates the air command wheel. From the air command wheel there are 5 different activities to select, the Action Memo, the Scrapbook, the Screen Write, the S Finder, and the Pen Window.

The S Finder enables searching for content on the device simply by using keywords. This search feature includes searching notes written by hand. It also searches photos not only by name, but by dates or tags. The handwriting feature is available in almost all the writing fields. There is also a feature to convert notes written by hand into text. Drawings are more realistic with the different levels of pressure applied.


Circle captures and organizes content in one place. Drawing a circle around content, such as videos, images, webpages, or documents, will save it in a category created in Scrapbook. Similar to a scrapbook, it is possible to add comments and notes to the images. There is a choice of layout in the scrapbook. Content saved in Scrapbook can be traced back to the original source by clicking on the link tab at the top of the screen.


Multiple apps are opened simultaneously by using Pen Window. On the Air Command wheel select one of the quick access apps, for example the calculator. Use the S Pen to draw a square to the size wanted and a new window opens for the calculator. By minimizing the window, another app, for example the phone app, can be activated. While dialling the selected number and speaking on the phone, the calculator bubble is floating around on the screen. It is possible to access the calculator, during the conversation, by tapping on the minimized bubble.

The note taking features have additional actions. Instead of grabbing a piece of paper to write down a telephone number and then losing it, the telephone number can be written in Action Memo. Select the number written down, by drawing a square around it and then pressing the phone icon to dial the number. This is not the only features of Action Memo. In addition the handwritten number can be added to the contacts list, or added as a task to the to-do-list, and even searched on the web.


The Multi Window of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is ideal for multi-tasking. Pull the menu window on the left side of the device towards the middle of the screen. Select two apps, opening two windows, one at the top and the other at the bottom of the screen (or next to each other when the device is turned sideways). The size of the windows are increased or decreased depending on your preference. Drag and drop content between the two windows. No need for copying and pasting anymore.

For example, at the top part of the screen, drag two photos of different homes for sale, from a rental website, to the bottom screen where ChatON is activated. By simple dragging the two options into the ChatON window, instant message the two photos to the relevant party.

It is also possible to open the same app in two separate windows. For example opening ChatON in the top window and the bottom window, allows instant messaging with two people simultaneously. Drag and drop information between the two conversations.


Nothing has been left to chance. Samsung Knox is the security feature built into the Galaxy Note 3. Inside the phone is an area called the Container for safe keeping of documents, personal photos and other important notes. The content in the Container is protected against phishing and malware. Should the phone be stolen or lost, the Samsung Knox will guard against hackers attempting to gain access to your phone.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is in a class of its own, in design, power and functionality. With all these great features the question that comes to mind is, β€œIs it necessary to have a tablet as well?”