The Xperia J is an entry level smartphone from Sony with a unique design. It may not be up to the hardware and specifications of higher tier smartphones from Sony and other companies, but it offers a great affordable alternative. For starters, the Xperia J looks great. It has a sleek, curved design, a big, clear screen, and a sturdy build.

This phone’s curved design makes it a bit more comfortable to hold than regular, flat cell phones. The volume buttons are conveniently placed, though some may not like that they are located right next to the power button. However, it is fairly easy not to mix them up and accidentally shut down the phone.

Sony Xperia J
Sony Xperia J

Running on Android Jelly Bean, the Xperia J is a pleasure to use. The everyday user should have no issues with its performance and responsiveness when doing most tasks. The phone never lags and responds very well to touch commands. Apps always open quickly, and the Xperia J shuts down and starts up in a relatively short amount of time. This phone also has a very impressive battery life, and even with heavy gaming can easily last throughout the day.

The keyboard layout is one of the weaker features of this phone. Even those with the smallest fingers might have trouble hitting the right letters. If this feature gives you a lot of trouble, it can thankfully be solved by holding the phone sideways, which increases the keyboard size. Another issue is that the sensitivity of the home button extends quite a bit above the icon itself, making it easy to accidentally hit when trying to touch the space bar.

The Xperia J could also stand to be a little faster and smoother when browsing the internet. It will definitely take you to all the sites you want to go, but it might take a few seconds to load pages and be a little sluggish when browsing. As an entry level phone, the Xperia J is a good choice for the average consumer. Those who want to be able to call, text, use apps, and play games, should find that this phone comfortably meets all of their needs.