The most awaited and the most powerful iPhone rival is finally here – Samsung Galaxy S3. Galaxy S3 is the next version of already popular Samsung Galaxy family of phones. This smartphone is already creating waves with its highly impressive technical features. It is probably the most powerful smartphone out there today, with a brilliant 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED display, 8MP advanced camera, and Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system (version 4.0). In this article, you will find all the details of this particular smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S III Smartphone - A Detailed Review

Technical Specifications of Galaxy S III: Enter

The DisplayAs you can see, the smartphone has many features that rival all other phones available today. Let us look at each of the features individually. The brilliant display on Galaxy S3 is 4.8 inches long. It uses one of the most advanced display technologies available today, pioneered by Samsung itself – AMOLED (Active-Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode). Samsung has made some minor improvements to this display technology to make it more useful on handheld devices. The display on Galaxy S3 uses HD Super AMOLED technology. The Super AMOLED display looks brighter and better in sunlight unlike the normal AMOLED display, which does not. In addition, the resolution it comes with is 720 x 1280, which is very useful for viewing high-definition content. With a ‘pixels per inch’ ratio (ppi) of 306, it becomes extremely difficult for the human eye to distinguish individual pixels. In essence, the images look sharp and crisp. AMOLED technology gives deep black levels unlike LCD TFT displays. Hence, the colors are more real and lifelike than any other display you come across.

Software and Applications

The phone runs on the latest version of Google Android operating system – Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0. It has the TouchWiz user interface created by Samsung as an overlay to the basic Android interface. Samsung has introduced many new features to make the phone even smarter. Do you remember Siri, the intelligent personal assistant on Apple iPhone 4S? Galaxy S3 has a feature that rivals Siri. In this smartphone, you have S Voice, which is a voice recognition system developed to act as a personal assistant. It can pick up or reject calls, operate the camera, use alarm functions, etc. Although not as powerful as Siri, this is a first step for Android smartphones. Another feature called Direct Call will call the person you are texting as soon as you bring the phone to your ear. It is an intelligent feature that makes it simple to communicate with your friends. Imagine you are reading a document or an eBook on your phone. You may like the phone to be awake and displaying content continuously without switching off the screen. For most of the phones, you do this by continuously tapping the touchscreen or extending the time for which the display stays on. On Galaxy S3, you have a feature called Smart stay. This will keep the display on as long as you are looking at it. The camera at the front looks at your eyes and recognizes it if they are looking at the phone display. This way, you can continue looking at the phone and the display will not turn off. TouchWiz user interface of Galaxy S3 is similar to the one you can find on Galaxy S2 or Galaxy Note. TouchWiz version 5.0 has a few more features than the previous versions though. This overlay creates an easier-to-use interface over Android’s plain vanilla interface as seen on phones like the Galaxy Nexus. However, this overlay gets huge competition from HTC’s Sense overlay, which comes on HTC’s Android and Windows phones. According to many people, HTC Sense interface is much better in terms of ease of use than TouchWiz. Android operating system is more or less a tool for developers than normal users. It has many advanced features, which you can tweak and customize to make the operating system look and behave the way you want. This is a great advantage as well as a disadvantage. For advanced users, the operating system is very useful; they can play around with it and customize it to make their phone look the way they want it to. For normal users who do not really understand these advanced features, vanilla Android interface is not of much value. For them, a user interface overlay like TouchWiz or Sense is necessary.


Samsung Galaxy S3 has a camera with eight megapixels of resolution. Galaxy Note, S2, etc., all have 8MP cameras. However, this camera has a few new features on it that makes it stand out. It has a feature known as Best photo that automatically suggests the best shot among a number of similar shots you take. It has other standard features like smile and face detection as well. With this camera, you can shoot stills while you are recording a video. The S3 camera shoots videos at Full HD quality (1080p). The images shot with S3 have great color reproduction. Although it oversaturates certain color shades, overall quality of the pictures is highly impressive. The videos may seem less natural in terms of color reproduction though. Besides this main camera, there is a 1.9MP camera at the front that is used for video calling, unlocking the phone with facial recognition, and the Smart stay feature

Connectivity Features

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, which has loads of new applications, is available in Samsung Galaxy S3. With this technology, you can communicate with other devices having NFC by bringing them together or touching them. With NFC, you can make payments with your smartphone just as how you do it with your credit card. S3 supports micro-SIM technology only. It has also an internal slot for a microSD card for up to 64 GB storage. The phone supports almost all of the available 2G and 3G spectra. It has the 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) capability, with HSDPA speeds up to 21 mbps. However, with much faster versions of 4G networks on the way, this is still a slower speed.

Performance and Battery

The processor used in Galaxy S3 is quad-core Exynos ARM Cortex A9; the speed is 1.4 GHz. This is the first quad-core processor available in a mobile device. The processor is very fast and highly sophisticated to play HD videos and graphics-intensive games. Browsing and multitasking comes naturally to this phone. Quad-core processors are very advanced today, and most of the applications and games available in the Android market do not need quad-core power. Feature-rich applications that may come out in the future will run impressively with this processor. With the 2100 mAh Li-Ion battery, the phone is capable of meeting a full day of demanding usage—web browsing, video and audio playback, gaming, etc. It has impressive talk and standby times on both 3G and 2G networks. Web browsing is very fast and impressive on this phone with such a huge high-resolution display and the exceptionally powerful processor. With 4G speeds exceeding 21 mbps, you can load multimedia-rich pages in seconds. Playback of online videos, online gaming etc., will become extremely easy with this phone. The display is capable of showing an entire website just as on a tablet or a laptop. On most of the benchmark tests to analyze performance on gaming, video playback, and browsing, Galaxy S3 has showed impressive results and has been one notch higher than devices like iPhone 4S, the new iPad, etc.

The Design

Samsung advertised during the release of Galaxy S3 that the nature inspired the phone’s design. The philosophy followed in this phone’s looks is that “there are no straight lines in nature” according to Samsung. Hence, the phone is mostly curvy. Samsung has dropped the straight-line design found on the previous version of the phone, Galaxy S2. The reason why the phone has a curvy design is because it has a huge 4.8-inch display and it may not fit well in your pocket with a straight-line design. In addition, the ergonomics of the phone requires it to have no straight lines. The rear camera is at the top in the middle right above the Samsung logo. On either side of the camera are the LED flash and the main speaker. The placement of the speaker is not as optimized as in other phones like HTC One X. This may create a minor problem in audio playback. The weight is only 133g, much lighter compared to iPhone 4S with a weight of 140g. In addition, the thickness of the phone is 8.6mm, making it thinner than HTC One X with 8.9mm and iPhone 4S with 9.3mm. Mostly constructed from plastic, the phone may not look as sturdy as iPhone 4S (with more of metal and glass used). However, this makes Galaxy S3 much thinner and lighter for its impressive features. Corning’s Gorilla Glass 2 overlays the display on Galaxy S3. Gorilla Glass 2 is the new version of hugely popular Gorilla Glass technology found on several smartphones—iPhone 4S, Galaxy S2, etc. The version 2 is 20 per cent thinner and extremely scratch-resistant. This means, you do not need a scratch-resistant coating for your phone. You can go ahead and use it as roughly as you want to. You can drop it, scratch it, use it continuously, tap on it with a pen or nail, and the glass will withstand. It is a very strong and thin alkali-aluminosilicate sheet of glass, which has been hardened to withstand heavy usage.


With highly demanding mobile applications and games on the way, devices with powerful hardware are necessary. Probably Samsung Galaxy S3 is the most advanced smartphone available in the market today. Although close rivals like HTC One XL are there, Galaxy S3 has carved a niche for itself already. This smartphone comes from a family of tried and true smartphones and the previous version, Galaxy S2 is hugely popular among Android users. Such features do not come cheap, although the smartphone is much cheaper than the iPhone. Hence, Samsung Galaxy S3 is an affordable high-end smartphone tailored toward the future.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Specifications