The Google Nexus 7 tablet has the potential to increase your organization’s efficiency without spending a lot of money. It is highly portable with a small footprint, has a very powerful processor, and is the first tablet shipping with Jelly Bean, the newest Android OS release. This tablet is a sensible choice for IT managers who want to introduce tablets into their midsize businesses to increase efficiency and conserve resources.

google nexus 7

Save Money and Resources

Tablets are becoming more prominent in midsize business, but the offerings are expensive or lack power. The Nexus 7 is small enough to fit into some pant pockets, is powerful enough to run several applications with its Quad-core Tegra 3 processor, and comes in a 16 GB model. All of this costs $249, which is half the cost of the cheapest iPad. The low price of this tablet will make it a great way to enter the world of enterprise tablet computing.

Instead of printing twenty copies of board items, imagine handing out twenty tablets with links to the documentation on your portal to board members. Instead of issuing laptops to employees, imagine giving them tablets, which have a lower maintenance overhead than the average laptop. The Nexus 7 can save your business money by reducing the use of consumables, and save the IT technicians you manage from the demands of maintaining and repairing many laptops.

Help Facilitate Cloud Adoption

One of the reasons that portal implementations and cloud applications fail in midsize businesses is lack of adoption. Simply implementing a portal or web-based application is not enough to get employees to embrace them and become fluent with them. If you sit at a desk and work on a desktop PC all day, you will never understand the freedom and increased efficiency that cloud-based applications can offer. If offering tablets to employees will increase cloud application adoption, it is in your best interest to deploy them as an IT manager, because it will save you from dealing with the fallout from portal or cloud application failure.

Opportunities to collaborate using your company’s portal will no longer be limited to meetings in conference rooms. Employees can stop to chat about a document in the hallway, and pull it up live to make changes. A business lunch with tablets in the office cafeteria or at the local coffee shop will be more productive, because everyone can see the data being discussed and take part. Everyone will be able to keep on top of their email and calendars even if they are away from their desks. Deploying a small, powerful tablet like the Nexus 7 could help drive the success of your organizations portal or cloud-based solutions.

No matter what route you take, deploying mobile devices within your midsize business will cost a lot in both equipment and the time of IT employees that you manage. Tablets, laptops, and ultrabooks, are flooding the mobile device market, which complicates the decision.

The Google Nexus 7 tablet offers your employees significant computing power and is very portable. It will save your employees time, and could ease portal and cloud application adoption in your company.