SmartQ was one of the first chinese companies who produced Android tablets nearly two years ago. While the first devices were not very powerful, they were always sold at a very low price and under their SmartQ brand name (an exception in the chinese tablet industry). These days SmartQ updated their product portfolio with a bigger and more powerful device. The “SmartQ Ten” aka SmartQ T10 is a 10-inch Android tablet with good average hardware. Be aware, there is another 10-inch tablet from SmartQ with lower specs, that is called the R10.

Let’s have a look at the product images:

As you can see, the SmartQ Ten looks pretty solid and unfortunately, like a iPad 1 copy. I don’t really understand why they don’t try other designs. It would be easier to make a difference between them and all the other iPad copies.

Look under the hood of the SmartQ Ten or SmartQ T10 as it is also called:

Specs SmartQ Ten(T10)
ProcessorARM Cortex-A9 720Mhz / additional 3D graphics acceleration processor (Mali 400)
Screen9.7 Inch / 1024×768 / capacitive multitouch touchscreen / IPS
Storage8GB / Micro SD Extension up to 32GB
A/V Ininternal microphone
A/V outheadphones (3.5 mm standard jack) / loudspeakers
NetworkWifi 802.11b/g / Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR/ 3G (WCDMA/TDSCDMA/CDMA2000-EVDO)
ConnectorsUSB 2.0 OTG Port / 3.5mm Audio Jack
SensorsTriaxial accelerometer / Ambient Light Sensor
Battery7500mAh Li-Poly
ExtrasAndroid 2.2 / micro SD card Slot
Size / Weight255 x 192 x 14mm / 700grams
Price Range290$


Looking through the specifications of the SmartQ Ten, there is nothing very special. Of course, the high end Android tablets have far more features and Add-ons – BUT – the SmartQ Ten is available from 290$, which is really low for a tablet of this size, with this processor speed and with a capacitive touchscreen. As reported, the touchscreen is a so called “piezoelectric” screen. This is a technology that allows to build non-resistive touch sensitive screens. Many cheap tablets have resistive screens which are far less responsive than capacitive screens. So the screen is one big plus, compared to other cheap devices.

While the SmartQ 10 lacks GPS, cameras and HDMI out, it still offers 3G through various mobile networks and an accelerometer, for gravity related games. I think it could be a good home tablet for average tablet users.

Let’s see some videos of the SmartQ Ten. Here’s a short preview video of the SmartQ Ten:

There is a russian unboxing video here (Part1) …

… and here (Part2):

Here’s another good video to show you that a SmartQ Ten is not an iPad2, but that it is pretty ok compared to the much more expensive Apple tablet:

Of course, a 290$ tablet can not be as good as an iPad2, but for that very low price you already get a lot. I for myself am pretty interested to get one in my own hands. I would keep you updated if that happens and you can expect an in-depth review…

PS. If you are to lazy to read this post, listen to Santa, he has (nearly) all the details too:

PPS: Please be careful when shopping for the SmartQ Ten (T10). There is an older version called SmartQ R10, it has signficantly lower specs and, unfortunately, exactly the same housing.