As the first wave of Android tablets created by chinese backyard companies where mostly low-powered and in most cases came with resistive (pressure sensitive) touchscreens, the next wave seems to be more promising. One of these newer candidates is a 9.7-inch Android tablet called GS30.

The GS30 Android tablet is produced by a company called Leader Intl from Shenzhen.

Here are some pictures I found at (google translated):

Lets take a look at the specs of the GS30:

Specs 30GS (Leader Intl)
Processor1Gzh Samsung S5PC110 1Ghz
Screen9.7 Inch / 1024×768 / capacitive touchscreen / IPS
Storage4/8/16GB / Micro SD Extension up to 32GB
A/V In2MP pixel Front camera  + 5MP pixel AF Rear camera / internal microphone
A/V outheadphones (3.5 mm standard jack) / 1080 p HDMI out
NetworkWifi 802.11b/g/n (Marvell 8688) / Bluetooth / 3G (optional)
Connectors2 x USB 2.0 Host (A) / 1 x USB 2.0 Mini Port / 3.5mm Audio Jack / Mini HDMI
Battery3.7V / 6800mAh Li-Poly
ExtrasAndroid 2.2 (or above) / micro SD card Slot
Size / Weight245 x 192 x 12mm
Price Rangeyet unknown
ManufacturerLeader Intl (Shenzhen)


The GS30 Android tablet is not really special compared to the Honeycomb tablets from Motorola and buddies.

But it’s specs seem to be pretty solid. Especially the used Hummingbird processor seems to be interesting. The Samsung S5PC110 has certain similarities to the A4 processor Apple uses in its devices, and this could be the promise, that the GS30 could be fast enough for a nice tablet experience.


On the pro side, I see the processor, which should be pretty fast and the 512 MB of RAM. Also, having a capacitive screen could be an advantage, as long as it will be intergrated well enough. Nice is also the possibility to extend the internal storage with an SD card. But keep in mind that 32GB Micro SD cards are not cheap (cheap ones mostly are fake). Of course, a front and a rear cam is great too and seems to become a standard for future tablets.


On the negative side are it’s dimensions: As you can see on the fifth picture, it’s fatter than Apple’s first iPad. Further, having such a huge battery is nice on one hand, but it adds some weight to the device. I am sure that it is also heavier than the iPad, which makes the GS30 less attractive as a real mobile device.


Some things are still to be found out. I don’t know when the GS30 will come out, what it will cost and where it will be available. Further, the type of 3G (4G?) adapter is not known yet, but it should be internal. Another unknown factor ist the possibility to upgrade it to a Honeycomb version of Android. I don’t know if Google controls the Honeycomb tablet manufacturers more than they did with earlier tablet versions. Finally, we don’t know if there will be the official marketplace or if owners of the GS30 have to stick with alternatives to the official Android marketplace.

Maybe some of these questions can be answered soon. I sent an email to Leader Intl. If I receieve any more information, I will keep you updated…