As you might know, not all Android tablet manufacturers have been successful in implementing the original Android Market. Sometimes you get other market apps shipped with it, sometimes it is some kind of a semi-legal version of the original Android Market. Also, some people prefer not to use Google Checkout as their payment service. Finally, for developers, having more than one distribution channel can be attractive too…

So here comes an incomplete collection of alternatives to the Android Market. Be informed that I did not test them all, your feedback will be highly appreciated and can serve other users to pick the right market app. Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this post.

1) Appslib – The market for Android tablets

The makers of Appslib say that their marketplace is meant to be used on Android tablet computers. You’ll see, that you won’t be able to run it on phones in most cases. Having the functionalities you can expect from a market app, Appslib offers free and pay-for apps. They added sort of an “Approval stamp” to mark apps that have been tested on tablets. So this might be pretty helpful and time-saving. Appslib also offers adult content and Paypal payment and offers refund within 24 hours.

Developers of paid apps recieve 70% of the revenue.

Get Appslib here:

2) AndroidPit App Center is a young and successful Android website. They offer apps reviews, Android news, a forum and other stuff around the Android OS. Androidpit also released a apps library they call the AndroidPit Apps Center. You can obtain Android Apps from there too, free ones and apps wor which you pay. Payment can be done through Paypal, Click and Buy and voucher codes. Refunds can be made within 24 hours. Additionally you can read reviews and other parts of the AndroidPit website in the App Center. The App Center is available in English and German.

Developers of paid apps recieve 70% of the revenue.

Get the AndroidPit App Center from

 3) SlideME Application Marketpace SAM

SAM is one of the older apps markets out there. They offer free and non-free apps and a huge variety of payment methods including Paypal, credit cards and Amazon Payments. SlideME supports more than different 23 languages and offers an attractive model for developers.

For developers: SlideMe takes a payment-processing fee required by the credit card company and any applicable tax – developers keep the rest.

SlideMe can be downloaded from

4) AndAppStore

The AndAppStore is another market aiming to serve users of all Android devices – Google approved and unapproved. Apps can be paid with Paypal. While the AndAppStore does only offer some thousands of apps, the revenue sharing model for developers is attractive: The developer takes it all. Payments are directly released on the developers Paypal account.

This store can be obtained at

5) Andspot

Andspot calls itself the “social app market”. While having a similar idea like all the app stores, Andspot allows user to interact with other Andspot users. You can discuss apps, see what other users install and send messages. Payments can be done with Visa and Mastercard and Paypal payment is planned.

Developers receive 80% of the revenue (limited offer)

You can get Andspot on their website