Some hours ahead of Motorola’s presentation of their new Android tablet (I bet they will present it today) at the CES 2011 in Las Vegas, Google released a promo video for Android 3.0 Honeycomb. And guess what…. It is entirely made for tablet devices!!!! Yeayyyy!!!

Look at the video here:

With this, 2011 will definitely be the year of the Android tablets. You can expect more information about Android 3.0 in the next days, maybe hours.

The Motorola Droid Xoom (as some people think it will be called), will run Android 3.0. I hope we will see some hands-on videos…. stay tuned!

UPDATE: Andy Rubin, the Android Chief Engineer left a short comment on the Google Blog. Unfortunately he did not tell many unexpected details. More to come during the next days/weeks/months?

Android Honeycomb
Android Honeycomb

UPDATE JANUARY 6, 2011: Shortly after Motorola presented their Xoom tablet at CES2011, T-Mobile announced a Honeycomb tablet made by LG, called the G-Slate. While details of this one are not released yet, T-Mobile posted some videos of the Android 3.0 Honeycomb UI:

I personally don’t like this hyper-fancy plastic tron 3D design so much. For example this homescreen 3D box frame when changing screens seems somehow cheap to me. Also when you look at the book store, every book is rendered as a 3D book in sort of a caroussel. I could imagine, this not only uses calculating power, it is for sure also less snappy than a more simple table-style bookshelf would be. Imagine how you navigate in there with hundres of books… Btw. did you notice the word “shop” in the books app? Is this kind of a Google Bookstore? Are they finally monetarizing the millions of books they scanned?

For sure, there will be lot more talk about Android 3.0. I am not really convinced with the UI design.

design should follow usability, even more, when resources are finite and you can never have anough calculating power on a real multitasking device. I hope they don’t make the Windows Vista error: fancy plastic look, but lame as a snail…

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