Earlier in 2010, the chinese company Aigo, presented two Android tablets, the Aigo N700 and the Aigo 7007, two devices they rebranded and sold under their name. These two devices have completely disappeared from their website, but two others have shown up: The Aigopad N700EW and the Aigopad E700. The second of these seems to be a weaker one and I won’t review it here, but the Aigopad N700EW is worth a closer look.

These are the illustrations from Aigo, showing the Aigopad N700EW and some pictures from the chinese tablet website newpad.cn who had a hands-on or at least got pictures from it:


As you can see, the design of the N700EW is something new. I prefer designs like these to all the iPad clones coming out of the electronic sweatshops in Shenzhen.

As usual, here comes the specfifications of the Aigopad N700EW:

Specs Aigopad N700EW
ProcessorQualcomm 600Mhz (application processor) + 400 Mhz communication and data processor, 3d accelerator
Screen7-inch / 800×480/ LED / WVGA / capacitive touchscreen (multi-touch) support
Storage512MB ROM / Micro SD up to 32GB
AV InputMicrophone jack
AV OutputHeadphones
NetworkWifi 802.11 a/b/g / Bluetooth 2.0+EDR / 3G (CDMA1X/EVDO Rev.0 800Mhz
Connectors3.5mm Audio jack (mic/headphones) / 9-pin connector to USB
Battery4250mAH Lithium
ExtrasSim Card Slot (UIM) / Android 2.1 / Freedom River UI /
Size and weight197x120x14mm / 380g
Price Range2999 yuan (450$) to 5499 yuan (830$)


The specs of the Aigopad N700EW are not really special. I couln’t find any video yet, where we could see the thingy in action. So I will just list up shortly what I think are the pros and the cons:


  • capacitive touchscreen
  • 512MB RAM
  • 3G support
  • G-Sensor
  • external SIM slot


  • processor could be a bit slow (that’s just my opinion)
  • Non-Standard USB connector
  • only 1 Audio connector (not very much connectors in general)

According to newpad.cn (google translated article) there is an option for a tablet with a GPS reciever also as 3G is available optional. newpad.cn also mentiones prices from 2999 yuan (450$) to 5499 yuan (830$), depending on the options selected. This price seems to be massively too high. I do not know which wonders the 600Mhz Qualcomm CPU delivers, but I doubt that it could compete with a Samsung Galaxy tab. Maybe I am not well informed about the performance of this special Qualcomm processor. If so, feel free to comment this post and share your better knowledge…

Maybe Aigo will show us the Aigopad N700WE at the CES in Las Vegas upcoming week, maybe someone spots this device under the name of another brand or it is on display at the Qualcomm booth….