I believe, people who have a netbook, or/and a notebook, or/and a Desktop Computer  and a smartphone, are not willing to pay 800$ for a tablet device.  But how about 400$?

The Viewsonic G Tablet costs 399$ and it is available in the US (maybe also in Europe). So let’s have a look at that tablet:


These are the specifications of the Viewsonic G Tablet:

Specs Viewsonic G Tablet
Processor1GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 (Dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 CPU)
Screen10.1″ TFT-LCD / 1024 x 600 / multi-touch / capacitive
Storage16GB Internal Memory (Expandable through micro SD Card up to 32GB)
AV in1.3 megapixel front facing camera /
AV Out2 x 1W speakers / 3.5mm stereo headphone
NetworkWifi 802.11 b/g/n / Bluetooth 2.1 / a non-activated SIM card slot(!)
ConnectorsMini USB Port / USB Port / HDMI dock connector / DC connector
SensorsG-Sensor/ Ambient Light Sensor
Battery3650mAh Li-ion battery / 8-10h battery life (according to viewsonic)
ExtrasAndroid OS 2.2 (Froyo)/ 1080p video playback / USB and Wifi Tehtering is possible / HDMI Dock (optional) / G Tablet App Store / Micro SD slot / video calls possible
Dimensions /Weight10.5″ x 6.8″ x 0.54″ / 1.55 lbs.
Price Rangestarting at 399$


These specs look good in my eyes, regarding the price of around 400$. A capacitive screen is a must-have and 16GB internal memory is really fair. Also, the front-facing camera is cool, if you want to do video-conferencing and of course a HDMI out can’t be so wrong either.

Regarding the design, the Viewsonic G Tablet is pretty slim, but some commenters say that it it has a bit of a cheap look & feel (“We could hear the slate creaking in our hand when we picked it up” laptopmag.com).

One thing I would really miss, is the possibility to connect to a 3G network. It seems that the first versions have a SIM card slot, but it is not activated yet. Maybe there are or there will be some USB dongles to connect, but I did not read about that possibility anywhere. Another point on the negative side is the missing Android marketplace. It seems that most tablet makers can not get a license for that yet.

I looked for some videos, to see how the Viewpad G Tablet performs. In this good general review from the laptopmag.com you can see that the screen is pretty glossy. Performance seems to be pretty good. The stock Android desktop as seen in this video is replaced with a customized desktop from Viewsonic (see third video).

In this video from hothardware.com you see, that the viewing angle is not perfect. But on the other side 3D and movie playback performance seem to be fine:

Matthew Franke made a pretty cool video to show us how software performs. You can see the customized desktop (you maybe want to replace that one with ADW.launcher or similar 😉 ). He also shows that there are some problems due to the missing Android marketplace, but these problems should be possible to solve:

You may ask yourself now: “Should I buy it?”. If you can’t wait, you really need it, you have the money and you are aware, that not all Android apps will be available and those available are not necessarily customized for tablet size – why not. Just before looking for a shop now, listen to Matthew Franke’s comment at 8:47 in the last video…

BTW: As usual, I have the impression that I have seen this device branded with an other name, but I just can’t remember… maybe you do? [See update beneath…]

UPDATE DECEMBER 14, 2010: Some people over at the xda-developers forum pointed out, that this device could be originally the Malata SMB-A1002, also called the Malata Zpad and also sold as Woow! Digital “The One”. And indeed, it looks exactly the same and has the identical specifications like the Malata SMB-A1002. You can check that on Malata’s product site. Now I know where I have seen that device earlier (I just did not blog about it because Malata did not have the full specs online at the time I stumbled upon).

Here is just the standard illustration picture of the Malata SMB-A1002 aka Malata Zpad as presented on their website:

Malata SMB-A1002
Malata SMB-A1002