We already know, that Motorola has plans to create an Android tablet, but we didn’t know how far the where and how it would look like.

2 days ago, Andy Rubin, the godfather of Android developers (Hey Andy, thank you at this point!), talked about the upcoming Honeycomb version of Android (3.0) at the “Dive into Mobile” conference in San Francisco and he demonstrated its abilities on a prototype device carrying a Motorola logo!

There it is – Motorolas Android tablet! And it looks good – it is fast – new – and carries Android 3.0! Wooow! I am excited!

I was so excited, that I had to take some screenshots of the video I found on All Things Digital / allthingsd.com:

Andy Rubin presents Motorola’s Android tablet prototype

A look at the apps drawer

It has a G-Sensor of course

The home screen with widgets and buttons (there are no hardware buttons)

Motorola Android Tablet

A nice email app, optimized for tablets too (that’s Honeycomb)

He really enjoys playing with his 10’000$ developer device (I would also..)

Rubin did not tell too much about the device. It is a developer device, a prototype with a Nvidia dual core processor that runs Android 3.0 (Honeycomb). Honeycomb was the reason why Rubin showed off this device. He said they optimize Android 3.0 to run on tablets as well as on smartphones. Android will detect on which kind of device it runs and it will allow the apps to use the space. He also shows a nice email app that uses the whole screen.

See the whole video directly from All Things Digital / allthingsd.com it is really interesting, if you want to know more about Android 3.0 and a possible Motorola device.

Of course, the device is not available yet, it is only a engineering sample they use to develop Android 3.0. So please don’t ask me where you can get it now. You will have to wait or pay Andy Rubin around 10’000$ to get his prototype.

As it is a engineering sample, the name of this device is not known yet. Some say that it is called “Motorola Stingray”, others think it could be the “Nexus Tablet”. The really important facts are: Android 3.0 Honeycomb will be optimized for tablets (finally! thanks Andy!!), Motorola is partnering pretty close with Google and Andy Rubin is a lucky guy. I am pretty sure, that a future Motorola tablet will look very similar. You don’t build a prototype only for a hand full of Google engineers… if you build one, you want to sell it too – pretty soon and not too expensive, I hope…

Maybe the dreams of these guys from August 2010 will come true in spring 2011: