Some days ago I found an offer from the wholesale company First Mechatronic Limited (HK), for a very interesting Android tablet. The PFX-10 has all what I was looking for: A capacitive screen, 3G, GPS, a 1Ghz Processor and 512MB RAM – for just 320$! So I took contact with First Mechatronic Limited (HK) and asked some questions. Here is what I got out of them.

This is what the PFX-10A looks like:

Pretty similar to the iPad speaking in terms of size and case design, isn’t it? The mini USB connector is on the side, unfortunately there is no picture of that.

Let’s have a look at the specifications of the PFX-10A:

SpecsĀ PFX-10A
ProcessorFreescale iMX515 1Ghz ARM Cortex A8
RAM512MB DDR 2 400
Screen10-Inch / 4:3 / 1024 x 768 px / XGA / Capacitive Multitouch Screen
Storage2 – 16GB NAND SSD / MicroSD (TF) expansion up to 16 (32?) GB
AV InCamera* / Microphone
AV OutStereo Speakers /
NetworkWifi (802.11 b/g) / 3G* (CDMA2000 / WCDMA / TD-WCDMA) / Bluetooth A2DP + EDR 2.0
ConnectorsMiniUSB 2.0 (OTG/HOST)
SensorsG-Sensor / GPS*
Battery5200mAH/3.7V (up to 8hrs Wifi)
ExtrasAndroid 2.2 (Froyo) / supports 10.1 Flash /
Dimensions / Weight248.6 x 189.7 x 13.9mm / 800g
Price Range300$ – 320$ (depending on the amount of devices ordered)
Manufacturer / DistributorPengfaxin / First Mechatronics (HK) (English Alibaba Page / Japanese Alibaba Page / Aliexpress Page) / MK International LLC, Japan
akaComPad / Pengfaxin P10 / Pengfaxin 10 / PFX-101A

* These features may not be available in the early versions!

These specs look very impressive if you look the price of 320$. Having a capacitive multitouch screen, 3G connectivity and GPS in one device, for half the price of an iPad. This is what we really want. The Freescale iMX515 plattform is performing well, as we saw on the Apad iMX515 and on the Lifepad 3G.

Packed with 512MB RAM, this could be really a nice and fast device. For 3G I don’t know yet what solution they have (can’t really see it in the pictures). I would appreciate a SIM Card slot, so you could easy exchange the SIM of other devices.

Mr. Miyagawa from First Mechatronics’ Japanese HQ, MK International LLC, told me, that they will get the first testing samples on the beginning of November if everything runs fine. A first batch without 3G and with Android 2.1 is expected to arrive by the end of November 2010. The 3G and Android 2.2 version is expected by the end of the year and should sell for around the same price. He said the chinese manufacturers were still working on a clean integration of the capacitive screen. You see, the device is not 100% finished yet, but it seems to be on track. Mr. Miyagawa also told me, that the specification of the device was done in cooperation with his company to meet the high expectations of japanese customers. Unnecessary to say that my and most of my readers expectations are as high as well.

You can see the capacitive screen in the following videos. Note that the devices in the video are engineering samples and the final device should run even better.

I think this is an Android tablet that really has some potential.

I am pretty sure we will see them in the future with other brand names too, if the manufacturing company Pengfaxin can finish it properly. For end users it’s maybe too early to order one of these, because the final version with 3G and Android 2.2 is not finished yet. But for Android tablet vendors it could be time to get in touch with First Mechatronics Hong Kong or it’s Japanese HQ, MK International LLC, because they are looking for interested distributors.

There will also be a smaller version of this device. The PFX-05A (Pengfaxin P5) will have a 800×480 capacitive multitouch screen, 3G, GPS, a G-Sensor, also a Freescale iMX515 at 1Ghz and also 512MB RAM.

It is also produced by Pengfaxin and distributed by First Mechatronics Hong Kong for around 300$.

Android Tablet 2.2