Velocity Micro, a company located in Richmont, VA, USA, said their Android tablets, the Cruz tablet and the Cruz Reader, have reached preorder status. The first time I heard about their plans, was in spring this year. So it is time for taking a closer look, especially at the Cruz Tablet.

This is what The Cruz Tablet looks like:


This device looks familiar to me. But I don’t know if or where I had seen that one already. Probably it is manufactured by a OEM company in the East. Wouldn’t be the first time.

Here are the specs:

SpecsVelocity Micro Cruz Tablet
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 800Mhz (ARM-7)
Screen7” / 16:9 / 800 x 480 / capacitive touchscreen
Storage1GB internal storage / 4GB internal installed SD card / additional 8GB included for SD slot
A/V InputMicrophone jack
A/V Outputbuilt-in loudspeakers / headphone jack /
NetworkWifi 802.11 n
ConnectorsMini USB / audio jack (headphones & mic) / DC connector / Dock connectors
Batteryreplaceable Lithium-Ion battery / 10 hrs battery life (24hrs standby)
ExtrasAndroid 2.0 (2.1?) / SD slot / Cruz Market instead of Andoid Marketplace
Size and Weight7.5″x 4.75″x .6″
Price Range300$
DistributorMicro Cruz


Cruz say that their device is affordable. An yes, 300$ is ok for a normal man’s purse, but he should know what he gets. Before I continue, I urge you to wait for independent tests to see if this is really the tablet you are looking for.

There are some things seeming to be really positive: It has a capacitive screen (something that is often missing in cheap tablets), it has an exchangeable battery, which I think is really important and it has 512MB RAM along with a 800 Mhz Snapdragon. That could be just enough to do the most necessary tasks like browsing, sending mails, checking news and social networks and maybe also watching movies and listening to music. E-reading isn’t usually a problem on most of these tablets. For games, the case could be more difficult. On one side, most Android games have not yet been designed for bigger resolutions than those of smartphones (gonna show you that in some videos soon) and on the other side many games need a lot of ressources to run smoothly.

Negative points: There is no access to the original Android Market. Cruz developed an own app market they call the Cruz Market. There is no 3G option and they did not include a camera in the tablet, so there won’t be video calls. The tablet also looks pretty thick. Cruz does not say anything about a docking station officially, but earlier illustrations show a docking station and the current handout pictures indicate docking connectors too.

Looking at the price of 300$, The Cruz tablet could still be a good option for somebody who just wants to check emails and news and ocasionally doing a bit more. So let’s say this is a middeclass tablet. It should perform better than all the cheap and underpowered chinese wholesale tablets, but it won’t be comparable to an iPad or to a Samsung Galaxy Pad. Let’s wait for the first videos where we see it in action. I don’t want to judge too early.

Micro Cruz also announced an other tablet device, they call the Cruz Reader. That one has a resistive touch screen, 256MB Ram, no accelerometer. There is no info about the processor they use. The Cruz reader sells for 200$. That is cheap, but I doubt you will get much more than a E-Reader.