As crunchgear reports, japanese electronics giant Sharp announced two tablets meant for e-reading in Tokyo today – see press announcement and their website in japanese. These devices seem to be running Android, but they created kind of an UI that is only meant to run Sharp’s cloud-based media distribution service called Galapagos. It is not clear if they can run just any Android App.


Sharp presented two devices, the “mobile type” with a 5.5-inch (1024 × 600) and the “home type” with 1 10.8-inch (1366 × 800 pixels) terminals for Galapagos. These first models have WiFi, but not 3G yet, as reports. The devices should be available by december this year in Japan. The will be able to read Sharps XMDF format, which can be used for various types of content and is able to integrate videos, text and images in the same article.

The first videos are already out there. Here is a brilliant video from IDG via

And there is another one in japanese. It takes a closer look at the “mobile type” device:

And here is a video of Sharps presentation. Jump to 7:38 where the devices are presented:

I wonder if Sharp will also try to compete in the “normal” tablet sector. I mean, a e-reader is cool, but a full Android tablet is even better!