I hope in the end, there will be more Android tablets than rumours. Another hot candidate is Toshiba with their Android tablet, often called Tablet Folio 100 or Toshiba SmartPad, on the sites where the rumours emerged, like netbookitalia.it (see articles here: 1, 2). Toshiba is also expected to unveil their device this week at the upcoming IFA in Berlin.

These are the pictures netbookitalia.it spreaded:


Specs  Toshiba Tablet Folio 100
Processor Nvidia tegra 2 (usually up to 1Ghz)
RAM ???
Screen 10.1-Inch / 1024 x 600 / WSVGA / capacitive multitouch
Storage 16GB internal flash memory / SD card slot (up to 32GB)
A/V Input 0.5 W microphone / 1.3 MP front webcam
A/V Output 2 stereo speakers / headphones
Network Wifi 802.11 b/g/n / Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR / 3G (available in certain models and countries)
Connectors HDMI / USB 2.0 / mini USB / mini audio jack / Dock connector
Sensors ???
Battery 1020mAh / up to 7 hours battery life
Extras Android 2.2 (supports Flash 10.1) / SD card Slot / Android marketplace support / IR remote (?) / Dock / Instant-on functionality /
Size and weight 281 x 181 x 14mm / 760 grams
Price Range ???
Manufacturer Toshiba

Now this we will be a very hot IFA this year. Steve Jobs won’t be very happy these days. The Toshiba device seems very convincing, not only because there is a big company behind. The hardware, the 3G support and the docking solution are fine, as long as we know until now (and if these specs, most spread by notebookitalia.it are really true). A weak point could be battery life. Also we don’t have any reliable information about display quality or the price.

Note that the apps in the first picture are labelled in german. Toshiba is ready for the IFA. So let’s wait some days until Toshiba lifts the veil…. I am soooo curious!

UPDATE SEPT 2, 2010: Sascha from netbooknews.de had the occasion to get the Folio 100 in his hands and closer took a look at the outside of the device:

Also Charbax from Armdevices.net, who visits the IFA had a closer look and tried to play around with Toshiba’s tablet. That mainly revealed, that Toshiba would be well advised to make some tweaks at the UI and Software customization:

According to the Toshiba press release, “The FOLIO 100 will be available during the fourth quarter of 2010 throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa.”