Before really having appeared on tablets in masses, Android already goes 3D on a tablet prototype. Korean manufacturer I-Station announced they will launch a 3D tablet running Android in November 2010. had a little article and some pictures about the I-Station Z3D, referring to an other article of (translated from korean)

I-station z3d
I-station z3d

According to the information available the I-station z3D has the following specifications:

Specs  I-Station z3D
Processor Telechips 8901 / ARM 11 / usually at 720Mhz / with 3d accelerator
Screen 800×480 / 7-Inch / WVGA / TFT LCD / 3D view with (polarized??) glasses
Storage 32GB or 64GB
A/V Input FM Radio / DMB television(Digital Multimedia Broadcast, a korean standard)
A/V Output Loudspeakers
Network Wifi 802.11b/g / Bluetooth 2.0
Connectors ???
Sensors G-Sensor
Battery 5000 mAh
Extras Android 2.1 / 1080p HD video supported / special 3d glasses needed
Price Range around 500$ / KRW 600’000 for the 32GB edition
Manufacturer I-Station


Some details are not known yet, like connectors, processor specs and the 3D technology they will use. On a first view on the specs, it seems to be just a similar tablet like we already had some times. The 3D effect’s main purpose will be to view 3D movies and that’s where it gets difficult – where do you take that 3D content from? I do not know if there are any 3D content broadcasters around in the korean DMB television sphere, but I-Station seems to know, or at least to bet on it.

Principally, this is an interesting concept. I-Station will have to demonstrate if it really works and has a true benefit. And the better think about some stylish 3D glasses to pack with, because you won’t use some fat ugly plastic glasses when travelling in public space….