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As cheap and underpowered Android tablets come out in China nearly every day, we are still waiting for the big companies to roll out their real competitive devices. Until now only Dell began selling it’s Dell Streak, which is more a big phone than a tablet. Another well known company, Samsung, had information about a tablet leaked some weeks ago. After appearing on the Twitter feed of the south african Samsung blog, it was known as the Samsung Galaxy P1000 tablet.

This was the picture that was published on that blog:

Samsung P1000 Android Tablet
Samsung P1000 Android Tablet

At left, there is the Samsung Galaxy S Phone and at right, there is that new tablet device, looking like a big Galaxy S.

The last days more specifications of the Samsung P1000 Android tablet leaked. I collected them as usual:

Specs Samsung Galaxy S P1000 (S-Pad)
Processor1,2 Ghz A8
Screen7-Inch / AMOLED Display (maybe 8 and 10 Inch later this year)
Storage16GB onboard / micro SD Slot (up to 32GB)
A/V InputBack side camera 3.2 MP / Front side camera /
A/V OutputHeadphone
NetworkWLAN / Bluetooth / 3G
ConnectorsUSB / 3.5mm Audio jack
Battery4000 mAH
ExtrasAndroid 2.2 (Froyo) / Standard SIM slot / TouchWizUI
Price Range???


This is all we know until now. As Samsung didn’t confirm specifications until now, they might be speculative – but impressive. had a video that was posted on Youtube, allegedly showing the Samsung P1000 in action. Now that video on Youtube disappeared. But, there are other sites spreading it, like Youku:

Note that I don’t really know what the original source of this video was. It’s impossible to verify if it is really the Samsung tablet. But there’s a Samsung logo on top, it is pretty quick, and it has a well designed UI. So I doubt that it is a cheap chinese iPad clone. Looks cool and smooth, doesn’t it?

Engadget also mentioned in another post, that Samsung could release this tablet in three different sizes (7, 8 and 10 so there is a choice. So this is one of the tablets that make my mouth water. It’s fast, pretty, has a nice UI, will for sure get Marketplace support (who if not Samsung?) and you will have warranty on it… Want it! Now! Engadget says that according to a Korean newspaper, there will be the 7-Inch version in August, followed by the other versions by the end of the year.

As Samsung decided to run a Apple-like informations policy based on rumours, I will try to keep you updated as soon as there is more information…

UPDATE June 21, 2010: Sombody who had the occasion to play with a test device confirmed that the tablet in the videos above is the Samsung P1000.

UPDATE SEPT 2, 2010: Today The Samsung Galaxy Pad will be presented at the IFA in Berlin. I just found a video on the Wall Street Journal where someone has his hands on… prrrretty promising! See here: