NEC, the electronics giant from Japan announced their LifeTouch Cloud Communicator, an Android powered tablet device with a customized UI. It is planned to be sold in japan around October this year. But that device has one big problem in my eyes: It does not look sexy enough.

See yourself:

Nec LifeTouch
Nec LifeTouch

And this is what NEC packed into their LifeTouch:

Specs  NEC LifeTouch Cloud Communicator
ProcessorARM Cortex A8 (The cortex A8 can be from 600 to 1000Mhz, I think this one is closer to 600Mhz)
RAM256MB Mobile DDR
Screen7-Inch / TFT LCD / 800 x 480 / WVGA / resistive touchscreen
Storage??? unknown
A/V Input3MP front and back camera / mono microphone
A/V Outputstereo speakers / stereo headphone ja
NetworkWLAN (802.11 b/g) / Bluetooth 2.1 / can be customized to support 3G
Connectors2 x USB (1 x Standard A / 1 x Micro B) / 3.5mm mini-jack
SensorsAccelerometer / Megnetic sensors / ambient light sensor
Battery8hrs battery life
ExtrasAndroid 2.1 / Customized UI in Japanese Language / Stylus / GPS / SD card slot (full size)/ NEC cloud computing access / cursor buttons / Docking Station
Price Rangeunknown yet


You see, the technical details are not stunning, even a bit disappointing, as they are pretty average. NEC should be able to pack better components into a nice looking tablet, but this is far away from that. Maybe it is just the prototype design. NEC wants to sell it to other companies, so they offer optional 3G and changes in the design. There is a bit hope for a better final look of this thing.

The UI customization could be fine and well made for the customers they target, but looks a bit bloated. I wouldn’t spend any of the narrow processing power on such menu animations as you can see in the video from

In my eyes, it won’t be able to compete with other powerful future Android tablets when it comes out on October… but NEC has some time, it’s still in development status… let see what they can do until October…