On May 14, 2010 Dawa, a brand department of Konson International, an electronics group from China, announced that they will port their 7-Inch Windows MID to Android. So the Dawa D7 Android was presented. Let’s see what it is worth.

First of all, it’s not a design masterpiece, but it’s not ugly either:

The engineering device pictured runs a 2.1 Android image for the TCC89oo evaluation board:

The touchscreen is well integrated into the bazel:

As it seems to be the same device as the Dawa D7 Windows version, we have a look at the back site there:

It’s not flat, it’s fat, but it has a memory card slot.

Let’s have the usual look under the hood:

Specs Dawa D7 MID Android
ProcessorTelechips TC8902 600Mhz ARM 11
Screen7″ / 800 x 480 / TFT / LCD / Resistive Touchscreen
Storage2GB NAND Flash (upgradeable to 32GB)
A/V Inputbuilt-in microphone
A/V OutputHD Video Out / Audio Out (Headphones)
NetworkWIFI / Supports external 3G Module (how will they do that?)
Connectors2x Micro USB 2.0 / Audio Out / HDMI video Out
Sensors(possibly a G-Sensor, as some images make believe)
Battery7.4V Lithium-Ion-Polymer / 1500mAh / 7.4V / Standby Time 4.5 hours
ExtrasSupports 720p video decoding / Android 2.1 / (maybe GPS as the windows version has) / SD Card Slot
Price RangeThe windows version is about 200$, so I think the Android one should be the same price
ManufacturerDawa Group


I am adding this to the category of the “don’t-expect-too-much-but-cheap” tablets. If the price for the Android version will be the same as for the windows version, then it’s pretty cheap. Maybe I could be used as a car computer. But for that purpose, they would better add a SIM slot for 3G connectivity and they absolutely should include GPS (Windows version has, Android version is not confirmed to have it).

The Telechips TC8902 processor used is exactly the same that is used in the Smartq V7 devices, a tablet computer with multiple OS choice, among them Android. The Smartq V7 has also 256MB RAM, so they should be compareable regarding performance. If you want to see how snappy the TC8902 can work if well configured, head over to youtube and search for “Smartq V7 Android”. The Smartq V7 is not unsnappy,

I hope the Dawa D7 will be as fast too.

So here’s my preliminary conclusion: The Dawa D7 Android MID seems to be lower middleclass, missing many cool things like a capacitive screen, internal 3G, it has a tiny battery and it’s a bit too thick… But it could be cheap!