According to an article of IDG‘s Sumner Lemon published in, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang told journalists at the Computex show 2010 in Taipei, Taiwan, that he believes hardware makers will unite behind Android and use it as the primary OS for tablet computers. He also said, there is still alot of work to do on Android to make it fit perfectly on tablets, especially on graphics.

Now, that statement of Huang does not surprise me:

1) It’s self promotion. That man wants to sell his Tegra plattform chips and he sees a new market for other, future Nvidia graphic chips.

2) He’s right. Usability and possibilities on Android are huge. It will be able to compete with Apple’s proprietary products. With Google behind and a lot of hardware makers in the field, there will be enough developers to achieve nice snappy tablets (and here I am not talking of the myriads of cheap underpowered tablets that have been announced until now).

3) The others are far behind. Microsoft is still far away from a touch-OS that is slim enough to run smoothly on these new and tiny mobile processors and even if there will be a tablet-optimized Linux like Ubuntu, Android has already seen some years of developping that made it pretty fast and it has thousands of apps already. It’s just obvious who’s at the head of the pack of all non-Apple tablets and who will stay there for a couple of years… It’s that tiny little green robot…

Nvidia Ceo: Jensen Huang