Some hours ago Acer CEO Gianfranco Lanci surprised the audience at the Acer event “Source Home 2010” in Beijing, with a 7-Inch tablet, made in the shape of a classical E-Reader, as Magnus Nystedt of reports.

Unfortunately they did not reveal more than that it should be coming in Q4, what is pretty late to compete in the tablets race. Lanci did not reveal any technical details yet.

Magnus Nystedt of thinks that it might have 3G functionality, read his article here:

The device has sort of a keyboard on the bottom and is pretty flat. Lanci also showed a e-book shop on it, what indicates that they see it’s use in the e-book reader sector. Now this is not really the shape of an android tablet I thought about, but let’s wait to get more details about the specifications.

Also it’s not said that this will be the only tablet device Acer is working on, even if they said they wouldn’t engage in the tablet frenzy.

UPDATE May 27, 2010: Some more pix or video stills can be seen at the italian site

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