I have never seen so many rebranded products as in the Android tablet scene. Many blogs and sites pick up news about tablets frenetically, not being aware that some of these products are not really new, they are just rebranded. Don’t ask me why happens so often in the Android tablet industry.

Aigo, calling itself the “the No.1 Chinese consuming electronic brand”, had much attention when they presented the N700 Android tablet, as it is pretty well equipped in difference to many other Android tablets that are produced in Shenzhen. Only a few realized, that the Aigo N700 was presented at the Nvidia booth on MWC in Barcelona in February 2010 as the Compal NAZ 10. For your info, Compal is a taiwanese ODM (Original Device Manufacturer). So the Aigo N700 is just a Compal in my eyes.

Another buzz Aigo created just weeks ago was when Engadget’s chinese site announced a MID called the Aigo MID 7007 on May 8th 2010. Again nobody remarked that this device appeared in February 2010 as a mysterious Rockchip (that’s the processor inside) device on the chinese gadget site midbbs.cn.

In both cases Aigo wins the laurels. Anyway, wheter they are held for Aigo’s products or not,  I thought it’s time to present them to you.

The Aigo N700:

…and in its earlier appearance as the Compal NAZ 10 at MWC in Barcelona:


And here is the Aigo 7007:

….and the mysterious Rockchip RK2808 device:

While the designs of both devices are not “surprisingly sexy” in my eyes, the specs especially of the Aigo N700 really are. From the Aigo 7007 we don’t know that much yet, but I will try to update it’ specs as soon as possible.

Specs Aigo N700 aka Compal NAZ 10 Aigo MID 7007 aka Rockchip device
Processor / Chipset ARM Dual Core Cortex A9 with 1 Ghz (1MB L2 Cache)/ Nvidia Tegra 2 ARM9 Rockchip RK2808 / 600Mhz
RAM 512 MB DDR2 667Mhz ???
Screen 7 Inch / 800 x 480 / 16 million colors / WVGA / multitouch capable / capacitive touchscreen 7 Inch / 800 x 480
Storage 4/16/32GB built in storage / micro SD up to 32GB ???
A/V Input 1.3MP front camera / built in microphone front camera
A/V Output Speakers / HDMI out / Audio out ???
Network WLAN / Bluetooth 2.1 / optional 3G (WCDMA / EVDO / TD-SCDMA) WLAN / optional 3G
Connectors 1 x USB / 1 x HDMI / Audio In-Out / Dock Connector ???
Sensors Orientation Sensor (Accelerometer) / Digital Compass / Ambient Light Sensor ???
Battery 3120mAh (2 cells) / 11.5 W ???
Extras micro SD card slot / SIM card slot / Android 2.1 / 1080p HD video playback and output / Flash 10.1 support / additional docking station with USB, HDMI and Audio Connectors GPS  / 720p HD video playback / Android 1.5 (on the engineering sample)
Size 208 x 122 x 13.95mm ???
Price Range unnknown, the Compal was announced for under 300$ ???
Manufacturer aigo.com aigo.com

specs via *chinitech.com and **cn.engadget.com and midbbs.cn

While the Aigo N700 seems to have definitivly the specs above, the Aigo MID 7007 is still just an engeneering sample that didn’t seem to make progres since February. There’s no definitive name and no definite specs available. The chipset they use for the 7007 is based on a Rockchip RK2808, we have already seen in the RAmos W7 MID.

Now I just wait if Aigo finally achieves to bring these things to the shops. Until now, they didn’t do much work on these two products since they where presented the last time. The whole Aigo episode for me is just a lesson on how the electronics business works. Devices are created by mostly unknown engineers and companys, then undergo some rebrandings and sometimes come back as real products that can be bought. But some devices simply get lost, before appearing in shops.

For all who hope that the Aigo pads will be reality one day, there is a video of the Aigo N700 when it still was called the Compal NAZ 10, made by netbookews.com at the MWC in Barcelona: