The last months, we have seen a lot of new Android tablets produced in China. Many of them appear somewhere out of the void, sometimes they are rebranded and just a few are really available, like the Moonse e7001 or the EKEN M001. What they mostly have in common, is that they are underpowered. Another Android tablet of the same class appeared two weeks ago on a list on the website of, a company that seems to be a distributor for various noname tablets. On that website this tablet is labeled with the model number PC6610V, so we call it the Firstview PC6610V until we know better.

There is only one single picture that gives a first impression:


Here are the specifications as listed on the website:

Specs  Firstview PC6610V
Screen10.1 Inch / 1024 x 600 pixels / 16:9 / touchscreen
Storage2GB – 16GB Nand flash / SD Card
A-V-Inputbuilt-in camera with 1.3 MP / built-in FM / microphone jack
A/V-Outputstereo speakers / headphone jack
NetworkWLAN (802.11b/g)
Connectors2 x USB 2.0 / 1 x audio jack (in/out)
Battery2100 MAh
ExtrasSD card slot / SIM card slot / WinCE 6.0 R3 or Google Android
Size268 x 190 x 18mm
Price Range??? 


I am a bit tired of writing about these tablets that could be slower than my old HTC Magic Android phone. But I decided to write about the PC6610V because of some points that are remarkable about this tablet in my eyes. It’s design seems to be pretty clear and not too close to the ipad. There is built-in FM reciever, what is something that seems to be a need for some people I talked to. And finally, it comes with a SIM card slot, that indicates that it has 3G abilities. I am a big fan of a SIM card slot that is reachable from the outside of the device, because many people (like me) have a 3G dongle for their notebook and they could easily interchange the SIM card between their dongle and the tablet device. That seems to me the way to go for 3G integraton on tablet devices.

Weak points in my eyes are the slow processor, the ungenerous RAM and the battery which shouldn’t perform too long, because 2100MAh will not be enough to power a 10-Inch device longer than 2-3 hours max. Until now, I didn’t spot true photos or a video of the device neither a shop that indicates price and availability of the Firstview PC6610V. But as usual, we might see it in some weeks or months, maybe as a rebranded product on wholesale sites or on ebay. If anybody has more informations about this device, feel free to post it into the comments.