A while ago I came across this video in a post from engadget.com, showing sombody using a flat tablet device that runs pretty fast. It turned out that this was sombody from the korean company Hardkernel playing around with an prototype of an Android tablet they call the Odroid-T. I found that video astonishing, not because of Lady Gaga in the soundtrack, but because of the speed the device showed in this early engeneering sample.

You’ll find more videos showing Google Maps, web surfing and ebook reading on Youtube. Hardkernel updated their website and gives some insights about the specs of the Odroid-T. This is what I found browsing their website and discussion forum:

Specs  Hardkernel Odroid-T (Developer  Edition)
ProcessorSamsung S5PC110 Cortex-A8 1Ghz with 512KB L2 cache (Hummingbird) & SGX540 3D Accelerator
Screen10.1″ / 1366 x 768 LVDS / capacitive touch (multi touch possible)
A/V Input???
A/V Output1080p HDMI Out / Audio
NetworkWLAN (802.11 b/g)/ Bluetooth 2.0+EDR
ConnectorsUSB 2.0 HS Host (standard A type connector) / mini-HDMI connector with SPDIF audio
Battery~6000mAh Lithium-Polymer
ExtrasAndroid 2.1 / External GPS (included in package) / SD Slot / (micro SD Slot maybe only in developer edition)
Price Range & Availabilitysimilar to iPad / shipping from early June
Manufacturer Hardkernel


You’ll find a lot of detailed hardware information and more videos on Hardkernels korean website: Odroid-T website translated with Google Tranlsate. If I understand it right, this tablet is meant to be sold as a device for developers working on Android software and using therefor the Odroid development platform, as a post in their discussion board indicates. On the korean part of their website (Google translation), they seem to prepare the distribution of some developer boards that still differ from the final Odroid-T. The developer board comes with a micro SDHC card carrying the bootloader and the Android kernel, a 4GB SD card, a debugging part, a power adaptor, a USB cable and a USB GPS device. It is sold for 660’000 korean Won which is about 600$.

This is what the developer board looks like:

Pretty cool. I want a finished one with exactly this old metal design, just stuff in the circuit board at right ;). No, honestly, the shape of this thing is not bad, the screen comes nearly to the edges. If they put it into a nice bezel this could become a nice tablet for home use. Let’s just hope price will then be lower than 600$…

UPDATE June 2, 2010: Charbax from Armdevices.net visited the hardkernel booth at Computex and inspected the Odroid-T. And what he saw there is pretty stunning. Great 3D performance.

UPDATE II June 2, 2010: Hardkernel updated their website with a new picture of their Odroit-T developer tablet. This is what it looks like now:

Cool, isn’t it?