I already wrote a post about the RAmos W7, a chinese 5-inch MID running Android. It was first exhibited as a prototype of chip manufacturer Rockchip in 2009. Meanwhile, lot of work has be done in China and beta testing just ended today April 20, 2010 as chinese tech website pcpop.com (Google translated) announces. They also point to the chinese website of RAmos, that shows a pretty flash demo of the RAmos W7 as it is called definitely.

A chinese IT-website media tested it on April 13, 2010 and made many pictures during testing, see Google translated article here: ittime.cn. Also last week, it was again on display at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair as pcpop.com reports. People in the Forum of RAmos say, that it is meant to be rolled out by the end of April, early May 2010.

Prices will be around 191$ – 235$ in China. I am sure, some of these devices will find their way to ebay, other sale platforms or sellers.

I already spotted a website located in Hong Kong offering the RAmos W7 for 178.99 Euros (~242$) for european customers. They say that the RAmos W7 is expected to arrive until April 25, 2010. But please, be careful, order on your own risk! Androidpads.com doesn’t know the company or people behind this selling website.

Will see, where we can find the first unboxing video…