After a horrible press conference disaster, where Neofonie showed their WePad running on Windows 7, they today posted a video on Youtube, where we can apparently see the real UI in action on a WePad and on an older tablet prototype. The video looks real, and doesn’t seem to be faked or manipulated to me. They still use a mouse to navigate on the WePad, but it shouldn’t be a problem to get the touchscreen running soon.

And what they show is quite promising on a first glance:

As you can see, the UI seems to be quite fast, a lot faster than I thought. At right, there is a navigation sidebar, where you can scroll down faster. Opening a browser takes a bit time, but it’s fairly fast enough and the touch keyboard seems to be useable. Then you see the same UI which runs on the so called WeOS from 4tiitoo on a touch-enablet tablet with a different shape. There we see the touch navigation, which really seems to be smooth, especially the image gallery is well done.

Of course, there are a lot of other things they should show us: The interfaces for file transfer, text input, multi-touch, games… but as they announce on youtube they will do so soon.

Now that’s the presentation everybody waited for two days ago. I just wonder why they were not able to show us that at the press conference. They say that their prototype device was blocked in the customs, but somebody had time to put a video on it. Maybe they had better worked to drop their OS on it, even if that had taken a bit longer. Or they just could say honestly that it’s not finished yet and show that older prototype tablet instead, nobody would care about that.

I hope their blooper with the Windows error message didn’t put the WePad in a too bad light and that they will get a tech marketing professional who doesn’t play hara-kiri with their reputation. Because that what they show in the video above looks really good and its worth to take a deeper insight on it.

Let’s also hope they will get a Android Marketplace licence from Google. Maybe then, I will have to get the WePad 2 they maybe develop after the first one… even if it is not running on a pure Android system. Btw, does the WePad has a fan? If yes, Is it as noisy as the one in my Aspire One? More questions will be asked…

UPDATE April 14, 2010 – 15:03: On April 26, 2010, Neofonie will have another event to show the real WeOS run on a real WePad. I’ll stop writing about it until then. But stay tuned, there are other (real) Android tablets out there waiting to be discovered…