According to an article of the New York Times from April 11, 2010, Google CEO Eric Schmidt mentioned that Google is “exploring the idea of building its own slate, an e-reader that would function like a computer” on a private event in Los Angeles.

That device will be running an Android OS.

The NYT further reports that the company is working on it secretly with a few publishers to find ways of delivering content for it.

This is the first evidence that Google is working on a tablet since the mock-ups of a Google tablet appeared (see article on

Eric Schmidt already talked about Android on tablets in a keynote on the Abu Dhabi 2010 Media Summit.

There he said clearly, that there will be tablets of many vendors running Android. Here’s the video of that keynote:

Hopefully Google will open it’s market place for tablets and maybe they will also help to speed up development for Android for tablets. We will see what the giant will roll out against Apple’s iPad in the upcoming tablet battle…

BTW, where’s HTC’s tablet?