While the Enso zenPad created a lot of buzz and got flooded with orders, there are other companies that rebrand and sell the same device that was presented as the SMiT MID-560.

Shenzhen Sinomtv Telecom Technology Co Ltd, a company from Shenzhen, China’s mecca for electronic devices, comes with another twin of the SMiT MID-560 aka Enso zenPad. To make it clear at first: It seems that this device is only for the chinese market, where it is branded with M6A. The website of the company is in chinese and there are no informations in english yet. This is what the M6A MID MV-560 looks like:



On this picture from a pconline.com.cn blog post, it’s not branded yet. The shape and the little LCD on the right side is very similar to the Enso zenPad aka SMiT MID-560. Indeed, the engineering device branded with MID as in the picture above, seems to be exactly the same as the originally showed SMiT MID-560 at the IFA 2009 where it was spotted by Charbax (see his youtube video).

I had a look at the specifications and compared it to the Enso zenPad to see, if there are any differences:

Specs M6A MV-560*Enso zenPad 5″
ProcessorSamsung 6410, 533/667MHzSamsung 6410, 533/667MHz
RAM256 MB256 MB
Screen5-Inch / 800×400 / touchscreen5-Inch / 800×400 / touchscreen
Storage1GB Flash onboard / microSD up to 16GB (2GB micro SD card included)1GB Flash onboard / microSD up to 32GB (8GB microSD card included)
A/V Input????
A/V Output3.5mm headphone jack / loudspeaker3.5mm headphone jack / loudspeaker
NetworkWLAN (no 3G dongle option until now)WLAN (802.11a/b/g/n) / UMTS/HSDPA/EVDO/GSM/EDGE via external micro USB dongle (optional)
Connectorsmini USBmini USB
Sensors??Digital Compass
Battery2000mAH Lithium batteryBuilt-in rechargeable 2000 mAH battery (chargeable through USB or power adapter)
ExtrasGPS onboard / microSD slot / touchscreen stylus / Android 1.5 with chinese navigation solutionGPS onboard (optional) / microSD slot / touchscreen stylus / Android 1.6/2.1
Price range???155$ – 215$ (when with GPS and 3G dongle)


* M6A MV-560 specifications from the websites of  sinomtv.tv, pconline.com.cn and pcpop.com all translated with Google Translate.

As you can see from the specs, these are identical products, released under different brands, which is not unusual for chinese electronic products. As the M6A MV-560 is mainly meant to be a car navigation and internet device (although it has no 3G option), while  the Enso zenPad is promoted as MID.

By the way, the chinese blogs have some interesting conclusions about the device. The pople from pconline.com.cn say that the touchscreen is a bit sluggish in their engineering sample. They also say that the feel of the plastic case is quite good, but the touchscreen, covered by a protective layer, is prone for fingerprints. For using it in a car, the speaker seems to be to weak as they report further.

I wrote an email to sinomtv to see if they think about selling their device internationally, but I have no hope that they will give me an answer. Anyway, we will have to wat for engadget.com’s review of the Enso zenPad, which should follow in the next weeks, to be sure if this device was worth the buzz that was made about it…