In german there’s the saying: “Gut Ding will Weile haben”. Translating it word by word would mean: “Good thing will take a while”, what is equivalent to the english saying “Haste makes waste”. That seems to be the case with the Adam, the Android tablet computer created by indian company Notion Ink which made a lot of buzz several times in the last months.

That’s what it looks like in the actual state, as presented on Notion Ink’s website:


So what makes the Adam so special? See specifications, especially look at the display specs:

SpecsĀ Notion Ink Adam
ProcessorNVIDIA Tegra 2 Dual Core Cortex A-9 / 1 Ghz
Screens10.1″ / 1024 x 600 pixels / Two Display Layers: a) Pixel Qi Display / b) LCD Display / Capacitive Touchscreen
Storage16 / 32 GB eMMC (NAND Flash) / micro SD Slot
A/V Input3.2 MP Swivel Camera / Microphone /
A/V OutputLoudspeakers / 1080p HDMI Out /
NetworkWLAN (802.11 b/g) / Bluetooth 2.1 / 3G HSDPA
Connectors3 x USB 2.0 / HDMI Out / 3.5mm Microphone Jack / Headphone Jack
Sensors3-Axis Accelerometer / Ambien Light Sensor
Batteryup to 140h when using Pixel Qi Display
Extrasmicro SD Card Slot / GPS / Back side trackpad / Dual Display
Price Range327$ – 800$
ManufacturerNotion Ink


Notion Ink’s Adam has a Pixel QI display which includes a classic LCD display and a transflective display based on the Pixel Qi technology. That allows you to turn off the energy consuming backlight and to use the Adam in the sunlight. But thats not the only key technology that makes the Adam exceptional. All the other components seem to be wisely chosen. It has a fast CPU, lots of RAM, Wifi and 3G and the necessary sensors to make it really useable.

ET Now, an indian business news channel had a chat with Notion Ink Founder and CEO Rohan Shravan.

He presented the actual look of the Notion Ink Adam:

I am really impressed by the speed the Adam offers and of course the display. Making it useable in the sunlight seems to be one oft the critical factors for tablet computers (also for net- and notebooks I bet), as the first reviews of Apple’s iPad show. The Pixel Qi display is a big innovation and fits perfectly with devices like these.

What I like most about the Adam-makers is their urge for perfection. The last indication for this attitude is in Rohan Shravans last blog post, where he wrote that they only will go on with flash availability. These guys really want to do it right! They are still hiring UI developers, which makes me hope that there will be some really sophisticated Android customizations.

I only pray that they will not just rely on communication carriers to distribute it once it will be finished. Maybe they could elaborate a strategy like HTC serving carriers and end customers.

With the Notion Ink it’s the same thing as with cooking. Better wait another 10 Minutes (or weeks) to complete it, than serving an unsatisfying menu. I always prefer to wait for good stuff… yummy!