Haleron, a company of which I don’t exactly know where they are coming from (and gizmodo.com is also confused about), has a 7-Inch Android tablet on display on their website.

They call it the iLet Mini HAL. This is what it should look like:

Here are the specifications the company lists on their website:

Specs Haleron iLet Mini HAL
ProcessorVia ARM with Freescale MX Integration 600 Mhz (whatever that means?!?)
Screen7″ LCD / 800 x 480 / Touchscreen
Storage2GB NAND Flash built-in / SD card
A/V InputMicrophone /
A/V OutputStereo Audio Out / Stereo Spekers
NetworkWLAN (802.11 b/g) / Ethernet 10/100M / optional 3G through USB
Connectors2 x USB / Audio Out / Ethernet
Battery16 hours in active mode / 72 hours standby (woah!! that’s a lot!)
Extras10GB Cloud Storage / Android 1.6 (they call their version “Ocean Android”)
Price Range179$ – 229$ (Depending on the quantity you order)


Regarding the processor and RAM, this device won’t be the fastest around. Also storage is not huge, but with the SD card slot, that can be expanded. Interesting is the Ethernet they say will be included (although I don’t see it on the single picture that exists of this device).  So the hard facts are not impressive, but it looks like a tablet.

The most remarkable about this device is the bizzarre fact, that this device was never shown on a electronics fair, that there are no real photos, no video and no review of an independent source on it. There’s no single pic or video showing Android running on it.

The device should be available since March 19 according to their website, but nobody has seen one of these thingys since then. The tech blogs liliputing.com, gizmodo.com and thisandroidlife.com are not convinced of the authenticity of that company and they suspect it to be a scam. The company itself never did something to counter that, no photos, no proof.

So if you like to find out first, don’t hesitate and order one, but don’t blame me, if you’ll be a victim of Android tablet scammers. Take care…

UPDATE April 20, 2010: The device Haleron calls the iLet Mini HAL is a product from EKEN, where it is called the EKEN TP701 / M001.