The Indian Company iProf Learning Solutions India announced a new device they call “The iProf, India’s First Personal Education Tablet”, and it is running Android. It’s a tablet computer meant for educational purposes. It should help Indian students to prepare themselves for educational tests, as the company writes. The iProf comes bundled with e-learning content from educational institutes and costs about 14,900 Indian rupees, thats about 350$.

There’s not much information about the iProf yet. We only know that it has a 7-Inch touchscreen, Wifi abilities, 8Gb storage and is running an Android OS. It looks a bit like the Archos tablet design, maybe it is an Archos under the hood. Anyone knows?

UPDATE March 31, 2010: According to the comment I receieved (see comments), it actually is an Archos device. But still I have no information which one it is. Maybe it is the older Archos 7 that got an Android OS or it is one of the new Archos 7 home tablet in a slighly different case. Will find out…

The iProf starts with learning content for the Indian Institute of Technology Joint Entrance Examination (IIT-JEE) and will later be used to connect to so called iStudy zones. These are service centers providing educational content for the iProf tablet. According to the company they will launch iStudy zones in 30 cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Kota, Pune, Nagpur, Jaipur, Ahmedabad and others.

So the iProf is more than just a tablet, it’s a complete e-learning project. iProf Learning Solutions wants to adress three major problems “that plague e-learning from spreading far and wide: low computer penetration, piracy and broadband connectivity. Also, there is an acute shortage of good quality professors, especially in tier II and tier Iii cities. We have created an infrastructural solution enabling access to high quality education which solves all the issues.” (See their press announcement)

So the iProf is another interesting project showing the possibilities of Android on tablets.

Let’s see how this develops. For my part, I am interested in the device they have chosen. If it is well done, they could export it for anybody else. I will look for specifications and keep you posted about the iProf.