The chinese company HOTT tends to set the new price record for low price Android tablets. The HOTT MD500 they presented will be on sale for only 92$ for distributors, as a company spokesperson said. Again Charbax from, the specialist for finding new tablet devices at electronic fairs, made a video of it and posted some pictures on his website. That’s his video: Pretty interesting, thanks to Charbax for bringing us this video. I searched around a bit and saw some people thinking that the HOTT MD500 is the same device as the RAmos W7 MID.

  If you take a closer look at these devices that seems to be a fact. They have the same case, they have a customized Android with a back button on top right and a home button on top left in the notification bar. And they have pretty the same hardware as I could find out. The RAmos W7 MID (aka Yin Yue Department Blue Magic) itself is meant to be a version of the Rockchip MID concept device that showed up in August 2009. So the HOTT MD500 could be regarded as the third generation of the same device. You see, it’s pretty confusing with all these brand names and versions of this device. So I wanted to see if they are all the same. Let’s have a closer look at the specifications of these three devices, as I found them on various sites on the internet (no guarantee that they are correct!):

SpecsHOTT MD500 MIDRAmos W7 MID (Blue Magic)Rockchip MID
ProcessorRockchip RK2808 600MhzRockchip RK2808 600MhzRockchip RK2808 600Mhz
Screen4.8″ / WVGA / 800×4804.8 inches / 16 million colors / 800×480 /TFT LCD capacitive Touchscreen4.8″ /  800×480 / multitouch
Storage512MB / microSD slot8GB/16GB???
A/V Input?????????
A/V OutputSpeakersSpeakers???
NetworkWLANWLAN / 3G option (in future according to RAmos)???
ConnectorsSpecial Connector for Charging, Headphones and Storage??????
Batteryup to 3hrs playing videos up to 5hrs elsePolymer 3,7 V 1500mAh???
ExtrasAndroid 1.5 / Android customizations / HD video supportAndroid 1.5 / Android customizations / HD video supportAndroid 1.5
Price Range92$ – ??? (distributor price)191$ – 235$
Manufacturer/Vendor HOTT RAmos /Rockchip Concept???


You see, these devices are mostly made of the same parts, but there are options, depending on the company or brand or whatever we can call the guys producing it. As HOTT’s cheaper version has no 3G (until now) and only a little storage or empty SD slots, the RAmos version could have a 3G option in future and has more storage. Both devices, the HOTT as the RAmos, have a bigger opening on their back, where a camera could fit in, maybe that’s another option. Both seem to have the same connector that was named in Charbax’ video as ‘special connector for charging, storage and headphones’ and both have tiny holes on its back where the speaker sits. Maybe this device will be finished and hit markets one day. Optional 3G and GPS would be necessary to have a chance against other competitors like the Dell Mini 5 and the Archos Home Tablets. Maybe we will see that device again, with a new name and a new brand, you never know. I just know now, that the chinese electronic industry seems to be pretty complicated. In this context, the most interesting website I found, is a forum where some people, maybe beta testers talks about a device with G-Sensors named Blue Magic  W7, it can be found here as a Google translation. So, if somebody urgently wants to buy one of these now, there are some for sale on Ebay right now, you’ll find them as RAmos W7 there.

UPDATE: Here’s a cool video collection of the W7 (really don’t know which version this is… 😉