The first really impressive demonstration of the Dell Mini 5 aka “Streak“, a 5-Inch Android powered tablet I’ve seen, was captured in January 2010 at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Dell CEO Michael Dell pulled that little tablet out of his pocket, scrolled through some Android screens and smiled into the camera of somebody from TechCrunch:

What a show! No extra event. No press conference. No live stream. Just showing the world that he, the Dell guy, Michael Dell, already has one. And the Mini 5 seemed to be really fast. No lags and clean design – wow! If the Dell Mini 5 will be exactly as fast as that, it could be one of the most desired Android pads of the first generation. As Dell mentions in the video, they want to have it on sale “in a couple of months”.

I looked around to find out the specifications of the Dell Mini 5 as they were mentioned here and there:

SpecsDell Mini 5 / Dell Streak
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon QSD8250 1Ghz
RAMsome say 256MB, others say 483MB, others say 405MB
Screen5″ / 480×854 / Capacitive Multitouch Screen / TFT
Storagesome say 512MB, some say 1024MB, others say 1.63GB / microSD, microSDHC, TransFlash, SDIO (2 slots for micro SDHC cards inside! see video!)
A/V Input5MP Camera (with Autofocus and Flash) / Front VGA Cam for Video Chat / Microphone
A/V OutputLoudspeakers / 3.5-mm Headphone Jack / Video Out through Dock
NetworkCSD, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA / Bluetooth 2.1 / WLAN (802.11b, 802.11i, 802.11g )
Connectorsmini USB 2.0, 480Mbit/s / 30 Pin Dock Connector
BatteryLithium Ion / 1530 mAh (exchangeable)
ExtrasGPS / Android 1.6 (some say 2.1)/ consumer personalization of colors and designs possible
Prince Rangeunknown


Not only had the luck to have a closer look on it. The guys from the british iGizmoMag had an interview with a Dell spokesperson who revealed a lot of interesting details about the Mini 5. He said that there will be a docking station that allows you to play videos from the Mini 5 on a bigger screen and he said that they created a Dell software layer, like HTC did with Sense UI for their Android phones. See the whole video from the iGizmoMag on Youtube:

Another interesting video I found is the one from that vietnamese guy who disassembles one of these babies. I asked myself where he got them from. Picked from a production line? If yes, that could mean that Dell already produces them. But this is just speculation. Here’s the video of the disassembling guy, note that he shows two slots for micro SD HC cards inside it on 2:57:

What impresses me most about the Dell Mini 5: First: It’s fast. Second: It’s flat and well designed. Third: It’s not available yet. Sure, it’s better to work on it a bit longer and to make it really good, but all the other tablet makers are not sleeping. If Dell launches it fast and for a fair price, they could sell hundred thousands of these devices. If they wait too long, the could lose that race. I wouldn’t be surprised if Dell puts it on sale in April, when Archos launches their Archos Home Tablet 7 and Apple rolls out the iPad. April’s gonna be the month of the tablets!

Another question I have about the Mini 5: If I buy one of these, why should I still need a phone?

UPDATE: The last information I found about price and year comes from a video of (via uploaded on march 24, 2010. There, a Dell spokesperson says, that it will come later this year, but gives no information about the price. He also says that Dell will distribute it through their carrier partners (what I don’t like…)

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