After the RAmos W7 and the Hott MD500,  another Android Tablet powered by a Rockchip RK2808 has been announced – the Pasen MID5. Distributed by Pasen in Italy, this Mobile Internet Device (MID) brings similar specs like the other 5″ Rockchip MIDs. Some say, that it might be just a rebranded version of the RAmos W7, but we haven’t yet seen more than a specs table and one single promotional illustration:


That’s how Pasen presents this device on their website. For me it doesn’t look like the RAmos W7 on this first view.

Let’s have a look at the specs as the company announced:

Specs  Pasen MID5
Processor Rockchip RK2808  600 Mhz
RAM ???
Screen 5″ / 800 x 480 pixels / 16:9 / WVGA / TFT / Touchscreen
Storage Internal Storage unknown / expandable with micro SD Card
A/V Input ???
A/V Output built-in speaker
Network WLAN (according to Wi-Fi logo on the image)
Connectors USB / HDMI Video Out
Sensors ???
Battery 2300mAh / 4.5 hours battery life
Extras SD Card Slot / Remote Control
Price Range ???
Distributor Pasen


You see, there are a lot of unknown factors about this device. No price and date has been announced. I won’t speculate about the abilities of the Pansen MID5 or the similarities to other devices it could have, as long as there are not more details about it. I just think that they have to promote it a bit better, if they really want to sell some of these devices.

The Rockchip processor already showed his capability to handle large videos and Android, so let’s wait and see how this device performs.